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Provide exceptional Acquisition, Engineering, Operations and Training Support Services to our customers, enabling effective delivery of best value solutions to Defence Forces and industry partners across the Asia Pacific region.

Our Values

Delivering professional support services to our Defence and industry partners demands that we never compromise quality or ethics. To our customers we pledge transparency, accountability, and total satisfaction.

Our Plan

Effective execution requires exceptional planning and, to that end, Sayres Australia takes seriously the need to continually assess our capabilities as they relate to customer needs. Our business planning, structure, and management processes often mirror those of our clients, thus ensuring we are always well positioned and ready to assist.

Our Vision

Sayres Australia will be regarded as the Asia Pacific region's most competent provider of program management and technical support services. As such, defence community members will actively seek our involvement in their most demanding projects and, together, success will be earned.



Craig Powell joined Sayres Australia as the Chief Executive in February 2019 following a military career in the Royal Australian Navy that extended more than three decades. A highly experienced leader, manager and warfare officer with extensive project management and training experience, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge to the Sayres Australia team.

A military veteran with significant Operational and Sea Command experience, Craig also commanded the Royal Australian Navy’s Maritime Warfare School, HMAS Watson, and oversaw all Maritime Warfare Training in the Navy as the Director of Training Authority – Maritime Warfare. In these roles he was responsible for several significant achievements including the establishment of the Navy Synthetic Warfighting Centre, a review of Maritime Warfare Officer training curriculum and associated training culture review that led to significant improvement in graduation rates and the production and introduction of a revised Communications training curriculum as part of Project Mercury.

During his service in the Capability Development Group, Craig served as the Director of the DDG Project during the ship building phase and preparations for introduction to service of the Hobart Class DDG (SEA4000) and the initial Director of the Future Frigate Project (SEA5000). Craig was also responsible for oversight of a wide range of warfare systems projects including upgrades for weapons, radars and combat systems as well as the introduction of new capability to the Surface Fleet. He also served as Navy’s lead in the Force Structure Review process that contributed to the production of the 2016 Defence White Paper.

Craig holds post graduate qualifications majoring in International Relations, Maritime Studies and Management (Defence Studies) as well as an Undergraduate qualification majoring in Sociology. Craig is also a graduate of the prestigious US Navy War College, the Australian Command and Staff College and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Support Services

We offer the Asia Pacific Region the program management, acquisition, engineering, and financial expertise that have underpinned the US Navy’s most successful shipbuilding programs as well as the technical acumen, system and network engineering expertise, and joint warfighting training background that serves as a cornerstone to the US Navy’s wargaming and training capability. Beyond these robust maritime support services, we also design and deliver high-security wireless network infrastructures, broadband radio frequency over fiber-optic (RFoF) transport systems, and innovative RF threat detection capabilities.

Shipbuilding Program and Acquisition Management

Sayres provides direct support to the DDG 1000 (PMS 500), Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)(PMS 501), DDG 51 (PMS 400D), Amphibious Ship (PMS 377), and Mission Landing Platform (PMS 385) Program offices. Direct support services include Program Management Services, Production Engineering Services, Business and Financial Management Services, Acquisition Management Services, Change Management Services, and Integrated Logistics Support Services. Please click or tap the points below to read more about each specific service.

Senior program management and acquisition expertise and support, business and financial management, contracts management, engineering control systems, shipbuilding/ production, data and change management, logistics (including MPT).

Senior program management and acquisition expertise and support, financial management, integrated performance, ship production planning and engineering services, data and change management, logistics.

Senior program management and acquisition expertise and support; production planning and metrics analysis; hull, mechanical and electrical equipment (HM&E) systems technical support. Program management support to front office.

Comprehensive program support services at the WNY and shipyard waterfronts including program management, acquisition, business and financial management, EVM, CM/DM, systems and production engineering, post delivery and integrated logistics.

Senior program management, acquisition expertise and support, shipbuilding/ production support, post delivery planning and engineering, BFM, contract management, data/change management.

Training Development and Support

Sayres and Associates is currently delivering whole of life service to the USN, from capability acceptance testing, through individual ship certification and the delivery of networked distributed complex warfighting scenarios to achieve task group certification, including US Carrier Strike Group Certifications and Major Coalition training scenarios. Drawing on our extensive experience within the Australian Defence Force training system, Sayres Australia designs, delivers, and maintains the detailed interactive learning packages your organisation needs to ensure its readiness for mission success. Please click or tap the points below to read more about each specific training service.

Sayres provides support in the distribution of virtual training to ships and other training facilities, as directed in the Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) Program. Sayres supports Tactical Training Group Pacific (TTGP) as Commander, Pacific Fleet’s (CPF) Executive Agent (EA) for Commander Pacific Fleet (CPF) In port Training Architecture (ITA), the FST backbone architecture, which consists of the Navy’s Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) and other command and control (C2) related systems. Sayres supports Commander THIRD Fleet’s (C3F) Fleet Response Training Plan (FRTP) through distributed training events and a growing list of distributed joint and coalition training events to include Ballistic Missile Defense Exercises (BMDEX). Tactical Training Group, Pacific’s Detachment Yokosuka (TTGPDY) Fleet Battle Lab (FBL) supports the execution of the Commander SEVENTH Fleet Training Plan (SFTP) for Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) units. As EA, Sayres supports TTGP through distributed training architecture support to the Afloat Training Groups in each Pacific Fleet Concentration Area (FCA). Training events are controlled and distributed from the TTGP Distributed Training Control Center (DTCC) and the four FBLs.

Through the use of technical and tactical expertise, Sayres conducts tactical warfare training at Afloat Training Group San Diego. Sayres’ expertise spans all warfare areas to include FST-U scenario development and facilitates warfare commander duties and responsibilities. For scenario development, Sayres develops and updates/revises FST-U and Strike Warfare distributed training support products consistent with the current US Navy Wide and Fleet Operational Tasks (OPTASKS). For facilitating warfare commander duties and responsibilities, Sayres operates systems to simulate tactical-level operations, role-play notional forces, and configure training spaces and supporting modeling and simulation (M&S) systems for use. Sayres also provides FST-U and Strike Warfare distributed events training support that includes planning and development of scenario and planning products, utilizing Government-provided training tools for both in-house and distributed training.

Sayres provides Combat System and Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)/Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) support in the development of shipboard and staff training packages that support the training and assessment requirements of US Navy Pacific Fleet ships. Our training and assessment packages are the foundation to build BMDQ events that supporting the education and qualification of the BMD ship’s watch-team along with the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and the other leadership positions aboard ships. In conjunction with our Ballistic Missile Defense Qualifications support work, our interaction and co-preparations with the Afloat Training Group Pacific has enabled refinement of synthetic training product to units conducting FST-U events. Sayres includes live C5I systems into our planning, scheduling and utilization during Ballistic Missile Defense Qualifications.

Sayres supports Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific and Afloat Training Group Pacific in an effort to improve reliability and productivity of training standards development and analysis, monitoring, analyzing and tracking ships in training, departmental executive support, scheduling and conflict management, quality assurance, data analysis, Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) training requirements generation, program management, and mission area certification. Sayres directly supports Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific N7 Department and Afloat Training Group Pacific in the training and certification of all ships in the Pacific Fleet to include ATG San Diego (ATG SD) and Engineering Assessments Pacific (EAP), ATG Middle Pacific (ATG MIDPAC) located in Pearl Harbor, HI, ATG Western Pacific (ATG WESTPAC), located in Yokosuka, Japan, ATG Western Pacific Detachment Sasebo, located in Sasebo, Japan, and ATG Pacific Northwest, located in Everett, WA.

Sayres provides Course Design in accordance with the ADF SADL process and training delivery.

Security and Cyber

Sayres provides design and integration services for secure WIFI and cellular Radio Frequency (RF) over Fiber-optic (RFoF) Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Offering network administrators and cyber security practitioners greater control over Access Point (AP) signal strengths, balancing, and device placement, RFoF DAS designs can be tailored to transport virtually any radio communications or RF source, from public safety networks to SATCOM. Contact us to learn more about how our team's innovative approaches to infrastructure design can benefit your organisation.

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